Medication Management

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services offered in Orlando, Miami and Clearwater, FL

Psychopharmaceuticals are often an essential part of your treatment for a mental health disorder. Any time you take these medications, Sandra Risoldi, DNP, MSN Ed, APRN, PMHNP-BC, and the team at Just Psych, LLC, provide comprehensive medication management, providing the services you need to ensure you get the best results. Call the office in Miami, Orlando, and Clearwater, Florida, or book an in-person or telepsychiatry appointment online today, whether you need to start medication or management for existing prescriptions.

Medication Management Q&A

What is medication management?

As long as you take psychopharmaceutical medications, you need medication management. Medication management includes services such as getting prescriptions, regular follow-up appointments, and blood work when required for your medication.

How does medication management protect my health?

Medication management protects your physical health and promotes optimal mental health by:

Ensuring you get the right medication and dose

Finding the best medication may take several tries. There are numerous medications to choose from, and everyone metabolizes them differently. As a result, the first medication and dose you take may not achieve the best results. 

Regular medication management appointments allow your provider to monitor your symptoms, make sure they’re improving, and make adjustments to the type of medication or dose when necessary.

Preventing interactions and side effects

Medication management includes monitoring all the medications you take (from any doctor) to be sure none of them interact with your psychiatric medication. During your appointments, your provider can also catch signs of side effects and can take steps to prevent problems.

Solving roadblocks to taking medication

Patients often stop taking their medications for many reasons. Some have side effects; others feel better and think they no longer need the medication. Sometimes, finances get in the way of paying for a refill.

However, taking your medication is essential if you want to get long-term symptom improvement. Your Just Psych, LLC, provider helps solve whatever problem stops you from taking your medication.

Can medication management prevent addiction?

People turn to potentially addictive substances like opioids and alcohol for many reasons. You may begin using them recreationally or to ease the pain of a health condition.

Mental health disorders and substance use also go hand-in-hand. Some drugs trigger mental health problems. At the same time, more than one in four people with a serious mental health disorder turn to drugs and alcohol.

Teens often turn to alcohol and drugs, either due to peer pressure or to escape from problems at school and home. The critical problem is that using alcohol and drugs can easily turn into substance abuse (excessive or frequent use). And substance abuse easily becomes an addiction.

Though there aren’t any medications for treating substance abuse, medication management can help by improving your mental health condition. As your symptoms improve, your Just Psych, LLC, provider can help you stop using, preventing drug abuse from turning into a full-blown addiction.

If you need medication management, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call Just Psych, LLC, or book an appointment online today.